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350 were >>
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>> we know that it is being funded by the fossil fuel our industry. >> able minutes finally emerging. that is very good. that movement has >> the most immediate concerns is the current administration is we are not issues that will be dealing with the next three months. >> we have mixed reviews of the president. he has three key decisions ahead of him to approve or not, a massive pipeline that would take
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dirty oil coming down from the tar sands in canada to keep up our coal plants and to make sure they're being retired air replaced with great energy and regulate greenhouse gases. >> bills calling for solutions see it further down the horizon. >> it is going to be the question that determines what this century is like. >> and events elsewhere in san francisco, not so family friendly, the folsom st. pierre is this sunday, 11:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.. this is video from the streets here in the past. hundreds of people are expected in the south of market area. here's a look at a plant or road closures. >> we have an early season storm headed our way. cooler
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around the bay area of clouds and a strong wind. high temperatures into the '60s and '70s, down substantially from yesterday. a lot of places are down 15-25 degrees over all saw on friday. call for tomorrow and the chance for rain because of this storm system approaching the west coast producing clouds and showers are around the eureka. in the north a
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perhaps a quarter of an inch of rain. >> president obama will be in the bay area tomorrow and monday. he is expected to attend if you fund raisers at a talent hall meeting. the cool shadow fell has a preview of the president planned. expected to arrive in the bay area sunday afternoon for two different campaign events. the first is a fund- raising reception at his residence in woodside. deaths will pay $2,500 per ticket or 7500 to have a photo taken with the president. the second fund- raiser is a private dinner at the home of cheryl sandbur. the chief operating officer of facebook. tickets are more than $35,000 per plate and the president will get a question and answer session after his remarks. he is expected to stay
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overnight instead as a. on monday the president will be in mountain view computer history museum. he will have a town hall meeting with linkedin and that will focus on putting america back to work. the meeting is expected to last an hour and should be getting underway at 11:00 a.m.. >> stay with kron4 for live coverage of president obama as bay area did it in this discussion of his job as planned. still ahead, a decision 2012, the results of florida's gop straw poll are in. will also you were top republican candidates stand at this moment. a man confined to a wheelchair struck and killed and a hit and run crash. we will tell
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you got this san jose sharks ticket holder in hot water and it assures that caused the problem.
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>> another busy political saturday. results are in from the florida gop straw poll. rick perry came in second in demit romney. parry and romani leader crossed paths in michigan. >> their race for the white house keep up as several hopefuls the campaign trail. but romney stopped in michigan highlighted his family roots and will give some a major boost. >> if i am lucky enough to become the nominee i think we could take michigan.
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during his speech perry says he knows what americans need and will guide the country in the right direction. >> americans are ready for change and they are not talking about their rhetoric of change they're talking about change every day. >> to the south, the sunshine state of florida is told with a handful of presidential candidates. it remains to be seen whole and in the white house bill one thing is for sure, it will be in action packed race to the finish line. >> all southwest airlines the jets looked the same. the same color scheme and paint jobs. time to take another look. we will take a look at some graffiti pop up
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on some of the carriers' airplanes. >> ran to the north of the bay area. this is coming our way for tomorrow. more about that coming up.
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>> in national news, a mysterious a graffiti has been appearing on the outside of some south west airlines planes. the findings suggest that whoever is responsible had access to those jets. now, the airline has launched an investigation. >> in the name of high and airport security, public was empty pockets, take of shoes and in door had dallas. in the midst of a southwest airlines mystery, some passengers are asking, who is screening the employees qwikster or >> , a like a higher level of security because he repeatedly year about theft and vandalism from the inside. >> since february, southwest
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airlines has been documented cases of what they're causing vandalism involved in their aircraft. suspicious graffiti has been appearing on the exterior of some of the planes. southwest officials released a statement. >> the fact remains that someone got next to that airplane, several airplanes in did something that they should not have done.. while one person is concerned she still owed to catch her flight. >> we trust that they're going to do to drop.
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>> other stories making national news, could this be part of the sixth time satellite mast? these pictures were taken over maple grove minnesota. nasa said it is not aware of any injuries or property damage so 6 t satellite that's all from the sky. the spacecraft crashed through the atmosphere early this morning. gunshots rang out during a brawl in this northern atlantic casino. one person died and two are recovering. here is what it looked like after the shooting. police say the victim was the head boss of the motorcycle gang hell's angels. two members are in stable condition. up to 30 people were involved in that fight. here is a look at
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eaton get when wind and water meet. multiple waterspouts over lake michigan this morning. similar two tornadoes. waterspouts are typical this time of year because lake michigan is warmer than deere tractor. >> we have a lot of other headed our way. here's a look at your current address. here is a teacher
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cast. clatters guys around the bay area. as a go into tomorrow morning, we see green showing up. the green is their rain around 80 answer santa rosa. in the
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north bay we will see the best chance for rain. in some places as much as a quarter inch. low-mid-70s with partial clearing late in the day. here is a look at the seven day around the bay. monday, tuesday and wednesday, a warming trend with sunshine and highs in the '80s. low-mid-90s in land.
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>> when we come back, stanley roberts and people beating badly and this our tank or a fight is run off the ice over the dress code.
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>> here is stanley roberts who found some people eating bad >> late. this man is a leading in the water. he is actually looking for something. this man with the larger dog named duddy is looking for the exact same thing. finally, one of the men find exactly what he is looking for, a dentist is crap. this man has three
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separate describes. all three are inside of this plastic bag. the problem is, it is not crab season. it is called poaching. judges krebses it is between november and june. even if it were crab season he would need a license and a special crabbe measuring gauge that looks like this. he could spend time in jail for six months of the $1,000 fine. in addition, you could be hit with an additional $800 fine for each crabbed you have. the good news, if it were crab season, picked away. my advice, read up all roles about crab's
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>> a hit-and-run driver is still at large tonight. this paths hist hist hist hist s3 s3 1/5 fifth fifth dvina ... ... whew ... ... ...
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>> police are looking for a driver who hit and killed a man in a wheelchair last night. craig skalar talked with some witnesses in richmond. >> this is the scene where police state a 52 year-old man was struck and killed by a passing vehicle. the man in a wheelchair was a riding in the street when he was hit by a car. he died later at an area hospital. witnesses say it was a disturbing scene.
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>> i yelled for him to stop, but he went. >> i was lucky to see if he was reading some of that kind of thing. he was. >> here is a description of the vehicle. >> there are not too many people who do not new date. >> if police are treating this as an accident will not know sorts of the driver turns himself in. some >> and battle is addressed us saw sixth so onerous cecily's bail bonds says the agreement is targeting his
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company. stanley has been a sharks' season ticket holder for four years with four seats behind the bench. he and his company where company t-shirts to the games and was usually not issued until recently. >> we have been a season six. for the last three years i have been wearing my company logo t-shirts to the games. they say we are using some >> of the sharks released a
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statement saying the sharks reserve the right to revolt tickets of the ticket holder who uses admission to generate publicity for promoting war marketing without prior written consent. >> here is the a parade in san francisco tonight. there are the clouds coming and to next storm system headed our way. that will make for a cloudy conditions and light rain. we have seen some gusty winds and over 40 mi. per hour. the onshore winds have really caused much cooler temperatures today. here is stronger for. this weather system is pushing south end should be here with some light rain around santa rosa and he'll spurred by a.m.. it will spread
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south throughout the course of the day. here is another shot of the bay bridge from the other side of the bay. >> as a palestinian
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president made a historical quest, asking the u.n. to recognized palestinian statehood, crowds gathered in the west bank to watch his remarks on a big screen. in new york, april palestinian group was outside the u.n. with a message that we must stand up to the west. >> at the time when the error people confirmed their quest for democracy, but the time has come for palestinian independence. he said it was israel blocking peace. >> the israeli government refuses to commit to international law and u.s. resolutions. they refuse to stop building settlements on the territory of the future state of palestine.
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>> crowds cheered for his words but shortly after his speech the prime minister of israel addressed the general assembly python without peace. put later, another appeal for diplomacy in the middle east. a time line was proposed for the palestinians and israelis to resume peace talks. >> to denied its its pledges our support as the parties
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take the import next steps for a two-stage solution. that is what all of us are hoping to achieve them one of the questions being asked is, what would make this peace separate more successful than others? british prime minister tony blair was asked that question and he said, both sides are being given timetables for proposals on borders and security with the first deadline expected in three months. >> a programming note to tell you about, the blue angels and if the special right here on kron4. saturday, october 8th, in one hour special at 3:00 p.m.. tune in for the best view of the blue angels. that is saturday, october 8th on kron4. stay with us, we will be right back.
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>> time to find out why
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hallie barry is a recast and have a tragic suicide as a lady gaga fighting for change. >> the lobby schedule for the new film starring halle berry has adjusted after she heard her foot walking in space. lady got is pushing for a new law in the name of the j b reuter meyer who was bullied and committed suicide. after learning of his death brought up with that bullying must be illegal. she said i am meeting with our president and i will not stop fighting. our generation has
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the power to ended. make lawford jamie has become a trendy topic on twittered. >> her can iran is long gone but the aftermath blinkers. tonight the latest efforts by fema to find housing for those people. >> a much cooler day for tonight, high temperatures in the '60s and '70s. livermore is down 25 degrees and one day. more cool temperatures continuing for tomorrow as well as the chance for rain. ( third why
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prop weapons whopper proper >> get it.
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>> it has been a nightmare. this is life on a discrete island after hurricane and cream. we can all look the
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house, the doors will not shut. >> it has been a hard month trying to rebuild. >> the fema trailer could not look better. >> 50 trailers are in a staging area until residents are approved. >> people in the northeast are cleaning up after a second round of flooding.
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>> a live in view of san francisco. in this afternoon, when spread 40 mi. per hour. livermore, as of full and conquered all with us. the winds are beginning to calm down. as they do will see clouds and some what they're getting closer to the bay area. for the day mostly cloudy skies. they do not think the
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rain will make its lake tahoe. temperatures will be
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on the call side. spotty showers on the peninsula. mostly cloudy skies.
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>> flames shooting out of a sports bar in marysville california north of sacramento. take a look at this video from a reporter as 25 people were evacuated, one person trapped in it had to be rescued by firefighters. the wrong number leading cost to an arrest. an officer caught
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herself on the side of a drug deal. just when he thought your profile is looking pretty good, it is about to change. gabe slate tells us about the changes coming to facebook.
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>> pathogen's 30
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>> this. f8 >> he even unveiled sunday, the new features. it was the big surprise and the crowd loved it. >> now, they're real or is it >> or bird. he out what to talk a >> but the profile. facebook has completely overhauled the profile, but these could
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it have you would use we have been working on it all year. we are calling it time line. >> time line is that it is a profile del all have all the mt.. it starts rolling out in a couple of weeks. >> time what is the story of your life. >> it is more visible. it is a great way to discover things people have done their like. >> timeline will organize your memories. right now facebook is all about the present moment. alder post are hard to find. the new facebook will be your one- stop shop for preserving your digital life. polls, pictures and videos. join us
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at 11:00 a.m. for the latest period will see you then. ├▒oxw
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[knocking on door] you wanted to see me? yes, i did. this is a $54 steak. congratulations. it looks really good. yes, it does. and of course i can't eat it because of my recent, uh... heart attack. secret heart attack. no strenuous activity,

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